Our Clients

“Lisa is a brilliant language trainer, thanks to her and her persistence, my German level rose significantly during the year. As far as I’m concerned I am not a person who likes boring exercises and rules, Lisa changed her program for live materials, newspaper articles discussions and other interesting topics. Her other advantage – she knows also some Russian, which helped her to find better explanations for many cases both grammar- and topicwise.” (Dmitry Gubin from Russia, Lafarge)

“Lisa is very good professional, goal-oriented, flexible, adapting the content and level of lessons according to the student needs. She is dedicated, creative and always aiming to deliver different subjects in a innovative and interesting manner. As a result of her persistence to correct my German pronunciation, intonation and grammar, I have improved a lot my ability to speak and write in German.” (Layse Harada from Brazil, Lafarge)

“We were very pleased about the varied English lessons. The course was very interesting, because we always did something new and I never felt bored. Also, the games we played were funny and helped learning new words and phrases.” (Constantia Flexibles, Vienna)